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 * default qemacs configuration 
CmdDef basic_commands[] = {
    CMDV( KEY_DEFAULT, KEY_NONE, "self-insert-command", do_char, ' ', "*v")
    CMD_( KEY_CTRL('o'), KEY_NONE, "open-line", do_open_line, "*")
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('p'), KEY_UP, "previous-line", do_up_down, -1 )
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('n'), KEY_DOWN, "next-line", do_up_down, 1 )
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('b'), KEY_LEFT, "backward-char", do_left_right, -1 )
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('f'), KEY_RIGHT, "forward-char", do_left_right, 1 )
    CMD1( KEY_META('b'), KEY_CTRL_LEFT, "backward-word", do_word_right, -1 )
    CMD1( KEY_META('f'), KEY_CTRL_RIGHT, "forward-word", do_word_right, 1 )
    CMD1( KEY_META('v'), KEY_PAGEUP, "scroll-down", do_scroll_up_down, -2 )
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('v'), KEY_PAGEDOWN, "scroll-up", do_scroll_up_down, 2 )
    CMD1( KEY_META('z'), KEY_NONE, "scroll-down-one", do_scroll_up_down, -1 )
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('z'), KEY_NONE, "scroll-up-one", do_scroll_up_down, 1 )
    CMD0( KEY_HOME, KEY_CTRL('a'), "beginning-of-line", do_bol)
    CMD0( KEY_END, KEY_CTRL('e'), "end-of-line", do_eol)
    CMD0( KEY_INSERT, KEY_NONE, "overwrite-mode", do_insert)
    /* deletion commands are allowed in read only buffers,
     * they will merely copy the data to the kill ring */
    CMD0( KEY_CTRL('d'), KEY_DELETE, "delete-char", do_delete_char)
    CMD0( 127, KEY_NONE, "backward-delete-char", do_backspace)
          "backward-delete-word", do_delete_word, -1)
    CMD1( KEY_META('d') , KEY_NONE, "delete-word", do_delete_word, 1)
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('k'), KEY_NONE, "kill-line", do_kill_region, 2 )
    CMD0( KEY_CTRL('@'), KEY_NONE, "set-mark-command", do_set_mark )
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('w'), KEY_NONE, "kill-region", do_kill_region, 1 )
    CMD1( KEY_META('w'), KEY_NONE, "copy-region", do_kill_region, 0 )
    CMD0( KEY_META('<'), KEY_CTRL_HOME, "beginning-of-buffer", do_bof )
    CMD0( KEY_META('>'), KEY_CTRL_END, "end-of-buffer", do_eof )
    CMD_( KEY_META('x'), KEY_NONE, "execute-extended-command",
          "s{Command: }[command]|command|i")
    CMD0( KEY_CTRL('u'), KEY_NONE, "universal-argument",
    CMD_( KEY_CTRL('y'), KEY_NONE, "yank", do_yank, "*")
    CMD_( KEY_META('y'), KEY_NONE, "yank-pop", do_yank_pop, "*")
    /* do_tab will not change read only buffer */
    CMD0( KEY_CTRL('i'), KEY_NONE, "tabulate", do_tab)
    CMD_( KEY_CTRL('q'), KEY_NONE, "quoted-insert", do_quote, "*")
    CMD1( KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('s')), KEY_NONE, "save-buffer", do_save, 0 )
    CMD1( KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('w')), KEY_NONE, "write-file", do_save, 1 )
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('c')), KEY_NONE, "suspend-emacs", do_quit )
    CMD_( KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('f')), KEY_NONE, "find-file", do_load,
          "s{Find file: }[file]|file|")
    CMD_( KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('v')), KEY_NONE, "find-alternate-file", 
          "s{Find alternate file: }[file]|file|")
    CMD_( KEY_CTRLX('b'), KEY_NONE, "switch-to-buffer", do_switch_to_buffer,
          "s{Switch to buffer: }[buffer]|buffer|")
    CMD_( KEY_CTRLX('k'), KEY_NONE, "kill-buffer", do_kill_buffer,
          "s{Kill buffer: }[buffer]|buffer|")
    CMD_( KEY_CTRLX('i'), KEY_NONE, "insert-file", do_insert_file,
          "*s{Insert file: }[file]|file|")
    CMD0( KEY_CTRL('g'), KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('g')), "abort", do_break)
    CMD0( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "doctor", do_doctor)
    CMDV( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "search-forward", do_search_string, 1,
          "s{Search forward: }|search|v")
    CMDV( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "search-backward", do_search_string, -1,
          "s{Search backward: }|search|v")
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('s'), KEY_NONE, "isearch-forward", do_isearch, 1 )
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('r'), KEY_NONE, "isearch-backward", do_isearch, -1 )
    CMD_( KEY_META('%'), KEY_NONE, "query-replace", do_query_replace,
          "*s{Query replace: }|search|s{With: }|replace|")
    CMD_( KEY_META('r'), KEY_NONE, "replace-string", do_replace_string,
          "*s{Replace String: }|search|s{With: }|replace|")
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('u'), KEY_CTRL('_'), "undo", do_undo)
    CMD_( KEY_RET, KEY_NONE, "newline", do_return, "*")
    CMD0( KEY_CTRL('l'), KEY_NONE, "refresh", do_refresh_complete)
    /* CG: should take a string if no numeric argument given */
    CMD_( KEY_META('g'), KEY_NONE, "goto-line", do_goto_line, "i{Goto line: }")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "goto-char", do_goto_char, "i{Goto char: }")
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('q')), KEY_NONE, "vc-toggle-read-only", 
    CMD0( KEY_META('~'), KEY_NONE, "not-modified", do_not_modified)
    CMD_( KEY_META('q'), KEY_NONE, "fill-paragraph", do_fill_paragraph, "*")
    CMD0( KEY_META('{'), KEY_NONE, "backward-paragraph", do_backward_paragraph)
    CMD0( KEY_META('}'), KEY_NONE, "forward-paragraph", do_forward_paragraph)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('x')), KEY_NONE, "exchange-point-and-mark",
    CMDV( KEY_META('l'), KEY_NONE, "downcase-word", do_changecase_word, 0, "*v")
    CMDV( KEY_META('u'), KEY_NONE, "upcase-word", do_changecase_word, 1, "*v")
    CMDV( KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('l')), KEY_NONE, "downcase-region", 
          do_changecase_region, 0, "*v")
    CMDV( KEY_CTRLX(KEY_CTRL('u')), KEY_NONE, "upcase-region", 
          do_changecase_region, 1, "*v")

    /* keyboard macros */
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('('), KEY_NONE, "start-kbd-macro", do_start_macro)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX(')'), KEY_NONE, "end-kbd-macro", do_end_macro)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('e'), KEY_CTRL('\\'), "call-last-kbd-macro", do_call_macro)
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "define-kbd-macro", do_define_kbd_macro,
          "s{Macro name: }[command]s{Macro keys: }s{Bind to key: }[key]")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "global-set-key", do_global_set_key,
          "s{Set key globally: }[key]s{command: }[command]|command|")

    /* window handling */
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('o'), KEY_NONE, "other-window", do_other_window)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('n'), KEY_NONE, "next-window", do_other_window)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('p'), KEY_NONE, "previous-window", do_previous_window)
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('x'), KEY_UP, "find-window-up", do_find_window,
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('x'), KEY_DOWN, "find-window-down", do_find_window,
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('x'), KEY_LEFT, "find-window-left", do_find_window,
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('x'), KEY_RIGHT, "find-window-right", do_find_window,
    CMD1( KEY_CTRLX('0'), KEY_NONE, "delete-window", do_delete_window, 0)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('1'), KEY_NONE, "delete-other-windows",
    CMD1( KEY_CTRLX('2'), KEY_NONE, "split-window-vertically",
          do_split_window, 0)
    CMD1( KEY_CTRLX('3'), KEY_NONE, "split-window-horizontally",
          do_split_window, 1)
    /* help */
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLH(KEY_CTRL('h')), KEY_F1, "help-for-help", do_help_for_help)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLH('b'), KEY_NONE, "describe-bindings", do_describe_bindings)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLH('c'), KEY_CTRLH('k'), "describe-key-briefly", 

    /* international */
    CMD_( KEY_CTRLXRET('f'), KEY_NONE, "set-buffer-file-coding-system",
          "s{Charset: }[charset]")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "convert-buffer-file-coding-system",
          "*s{Charset: }[charset]")
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLXRET('b'), KEY_NONE, "toggle-bidir", do_toggle_bidir)
    CMD_( KEY_CTRLXRET(KEY_CTRL('\\')), KEY_NONE, "set-input-method",
          "s{Input method: }[input]")
          "switch-input-method", do_switch_input_method)

    /* styles & display */
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "define-color", do_define_color,
          "s{Color name: }[color]|color|s{Color value: }[color]|color|")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "set-style", do_set_style,
          "s{Style: }[style]|style|s{CSS Property Name: }"
          "s{CSS Property Value: }")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "set-display-size", do_set_display_size,
          "i{Width: }i{Height: }")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "set-system-font", do_set_system_font,
          "s{Font family: }s{System fonts: }")
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('f'), KEY_NONE, "toggle-full-screen",
    CMD0( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "toggle-mode-line", do_toggle_mode_line)

    /* other stuff */
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "load-file-from-path", do_load_file_from_path,
          "s{Load file from path: }|file|")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "parse-config-file", parse_config,
          "s{Configuration file: }[file]|file|")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "load-qerc", do_load_qerc,
          "s{path: }[file]|file|")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "set-visited-file-name",
          "s{Set visited file name: }[file]|file|s{Rename file? }")
    /* non standard mappings */
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLXRET('l'), KEY_NONE, "toggle-line-numbers",
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLXRET('t'), KEY_NONE, "toggle-truncate-lines",
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLXRET('w'), KEY_NONE, "word-wrap", do_word_wrap)
    CMD1( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "toggle-control-h", do_toggle_control_h, 0)
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "set-emulation", do_set_emulation,
          "s{Emulation mode: }")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "cd", do_cd,
          "s{Change default directory: }[file]|file|")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "set-mode", do_cmd_set_mode,
          "s{Set mode: }[mode]")
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('h'), KEY_NONE, "mark-whole-buffer", do_mark_whole_buffer)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('l'), KEY_NONE, "count-lines", do_count_lines)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRLX('='), KEY_NONE, "what-cursor-position",
    /* tab & indent */
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "set-tab-width", do_set_tab_width,
          "i{Tab width: }")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "set-indent-width", do_set_indent_width,
          "i{Indent width: }")
    CMD_( KEY_NONE, KEY_NONE, "set-indent-tabs-mode", do_set_indent_tabs_mode,
          "i{Indent tabs mode (0 or 1): }")

CmdDef minibuffer_commands[] = {
    CMD1( KEY_RET, KEY_NONE, "minibuffer-exit", do_minibuffer_exit, 0)
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('g'), KEY_NONE, "minibuffer-abort", do_minibuffer_exit, 1)
    CMD0( KEY_CTRL('i'), KEY_NONE, "minibuffer-complete", do_completion)
    CMD0( ' ', KEY_NONE, "minibuffer-complete-space", do_completion_space)
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('p'), KEY_UP, "previous-history-element", do_history, -1 )
    CMD1( KEY_CTRL('n'), KEY_DOWN, "next-history-element", do_history, 1 )

CmdDef less_commands[] = {
    CMD0( 'q', KEY_CTRL('g'), "less-exit", do_less_quit)
    CMD1( '/', KEY_NONE, "less-isearch", do_isearch, 1)

QEStyleDef qe_styles[QE_STYLE_NB] = {

#define STYLE_DEF(constant, name, fg_color, bg_color, \
                  font_style, font_size) \
{ name, fg_color, bg_color, font_style, font_size },

#include "qestyles.h"

#undef STYLE_DEF

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